Properly designed facade insulation can halve heating and cooling energy demand. With the implementation of the facade thermal insulation the building energy rating of our home will improve, and as a result, its value will also be higher. As a healthcare producer, we provide modern hygiene products and solutions to the society.

Dear Investors and Readers!

Like 2020, 2021 was also hectic, full of challenges, but also dynamic and joyful. Masterplast’s activities and products have proven to be imperative in several areas such as fight against COVID or cooperation for a more sustainable future. Although COVID has radically changed the way we have lived and done business so far. Thanks to our strong corporate culture and values, our solution-oriented team has been constantly looking for opportunities to create value for our customers and improve their environment. We are proud of all our colleagues who have helped each other shoulder to shoulder and also ensured the continuity of supply in addition to our sound internal operations.

Besides the most successful year in the history of the Masterplast Group, we are delighted to publish our first ESG report on our 25th company anniversary. Since the foundation Masterplast Group has paid special attention to sustainability as a key pillar in our vision. As a leading European producer we contribute to the development of energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. We have long been working in line with ESG principles, nonetheless the ESG report preparation has triggered a more conscious and structured approach. A great example is that Masterplast, being the first among the Hungarian construction material producers, has laid the foundations and started to operate a circle economy. In December 2021, we presented our ESG roadmap to the Budapest Stock Exchange, based on which we prepare our first simplified ESG report for the 2021 business year, with a view to the key events of the previous year.

We are constantly looking for business opportunities that go beyond traditional shareholder value creation. We believe that we can be truly successful if we can change, develop and grow with all our stakeholders according to mutual benefits: besides our colleagues and families, with our suppliers, customers, investors, as well as with authorities, regulators, legislators, educational and research institutions. The purpose of our first and at the same time pioneering ESG report is to present our strategy, operations, value creation from a different dimension and to help our stakeholders’ understanding. We believe that as a next-generation construction material and healthcare industry company, this is a further step in the path that proves our commitment, openness and accessibility.

We hope that this report will provide useful information to everyone interested in what sustainability means to us. As one of the leading companies in the Central and Eastern European region, we feel responsibility to give guidance by setting a positive example and encouraging others to join us on a path toward a more beautiful future.